Greetings Dr. Ludwig Otto, Allow me to Express my gratitude in recently accomplishing my studies in DCE and i cant wait also for my DCE diploma and start using the Dr. Title, the course they have been an eye opener and inspiring and this helps me in accomplishing the vision that the Lord called me into which is Kingdom Empowerment Training for the bothe the saints and the Pastors. I noticed as i was browsing through the USCU that i saw the list of recent graduates of PhD in Evangelism if possible can i have more information on how i can go about with the registration to be part of the PhD i need this as i am in the process of starting a Bible School so i can also help the men and women of God. I am a proud true student of BCU and i cant wait to enter into USCU as well and let me know if they are other courses that you are offering aswell i am enjoying studying with your University. I will humbly wait for your reply thank you and God bless you Sir. In His Service, Lloyd Zulu Full Name: JAMES E. JONES JR., City: WINDSOR MILL, State: MARYLAND, Country: USA Email Address: , BOLD Christian University, United States Christian University,  Greetings in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is with great humbleness that I write to you to express my gratitude to Dr Ludwig Otto and the staff of Bold Christian University for the opportunity to study with you. The whole process was an eye opener and a motivation to me which I truly enjoyed. Some weeks ago I receive my diploma/degree in “Bachelor of Christian Evangelism”. And now I am looking forward to the next step. This degree is not my first but in this It has shown me the important of evangelism. You see, again  I see myself as a soldier in God's Army, not only I'm a fighter but now I am also a recruiter, so, in order to do this job, I must train. there's really no such thing as practice makes perfect but perfect practice makes perfect, if you practice something incorrectly you will learn it incorrectly, I know this first hand because I was born dyslexic. Evangelism, even though I knew the definition of this word, I really didn't understand what it really meant. Now when I see souls coming to Christ it is like a spiritual reawakening to me especially in evangelism. I see myself training as a Navy SEAL, an army Ranger or special forces in God's Armed Forces (Army).Pastor Dr. Faniyi Oluwashinaayo Paul PhD, Christ Apostolic Church worldwide , Ile Ife , Osun state , Nigeria 

5 WAYS YOU CAN SHARE THE GOSPEL LIKE JOHN THE BAPTIST I have completed the Bachelor of Christian Evangelism program, now that I’m eligible to enroll in the 100% free distance learning program “Master of Christian Evangelism”, and then the    100 % free distance learning program Doctor of Christian Evangelism, what do I do now?  

Recent Graduates : PhD in Evangelism Education

Dr, Mulaudzi Nkhanedzeni Ronny, South AfricaDr. Ojanoma Godwin Efe, Nigeria; 

Dr. Juan Meraz, USA;

Dr. Eyong prydine Arrey, Canada; Dr. Chinedu Onyechere, Nigeria;  

Dr. Jean Mary Mirat, Haiti; DR. PRINCE FELIX OBIYAN , NIGERIA;

Dr. James Kayode Laba, Liberia; Dr. Humphrey Mathalo, South Africa 
Dr. Prekebena Eric Oyin, Nigeria; Dr. Ameka Anaka, Germany 
Dr. Faniyi Oluwashinaayo Paul, Nigeria; Dr Alfred Tumwebaze , Uganda

Dr Manuel Shete Boluwatise, Nigeria; Kevin James Moore, China

Dr.  Joseph Matiko, South Africa; Dr. Ekunke Godwin Ngaji, Nigeria,